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  • April 18, 2021 from Fr. Steve

     It seems everyone I talk to is rejoicing in Spring arriving, with our snow having been gone for awhile, with having had a week of drizzling rain, to new bird arrivals chirping once again, we have the simple pleasure of being outside as it warms up. Just as we find joy and happiness in God's gift of creation to us with the new life it brings, so can we continue to rejoice and carry forward His gift of newness in our spiritual lives. 
         Whether we have practiced any particular self-denial, any consciously chosen works of mercy or charity, or a deeper prayer life during Lent leading up to Easter, we are now celebrating the ongoing joy of the Easter Season. Maybe we let Lent slip by and didn't focus on our spiritual life at all. Either way it is the Easter Season. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available year round if we need it. 
         But no matter where we are at, we can choose to go forward in the deep, lasting joy of Easter. Jesus Christ is truly risen from the dead to die no more!! He has defeated death and lives forever interceding for us before God the Father. So we never need lose hope, but are always invited to turn back to Him and to grow even closer if we have been following Him all along. As Jesus has told us, He wishes to fill us with his joy and He gives us a peace that the world cannot give!

  • It has been almost a year since the period when we could not have any public Masses. Following that, we had Mass with very limited numbers of people allowed and the Sunday Mass obligation was suspended and remains so today. This was all done by our Bishops and dioceses out of health concerns over the Covid-19 virus, as we are all very aware. From the beginning of the suspension of the Sunday Mass obligation, we were always to keep holy the Lord's Day. Only the manner of how to do this was changed. We were always to focus on God and Jesus' saving action even though we were not attending Mass. We were not to observe Sunday as a day off from God and prayer. One of the most clear ways was to view Mass online and prayerfully participate in my home through one of the many Masses offered on T.V. or online. Praying a prayer of Spiritual Communion is also important when we cannot actually receive Jesus in the Eucharist. So, if I am carrying on with my everyday life's activities, it might be time for me to come to back to Mass, where masks are being worn and  social distancing is done. If I am staying home out of concern for my health, Lent is a perfect time to not neglect Mass online, but to participate with an active prayer life.

  • Parish Office 

    The parish office is closed to the public, but you are always welcome to call if you have a need.
    218-387-1409. Fr. Steve checks the phone and Bridget checks e-mail frequently. Please leave a message.   stjohns@boreal.org

  • Confessions

    Saturdays at 4:00 - 4:30 p.m. or call the office to arrange a time. We are able to celebrate this Sacrament safely, so please come if you are in need of the Lord's Grace and Mercy.
    See special Christmas times in center column.


    If you are in need of help with groceries or anything else, please contact the office at 218-387-1409. If you simply want to talk or need prayer, please call Fr. Steve. If no answer, please leave a message and phone number.


    Thank you to those who have mailed, dropped off in Rectory mailbox and sent your contributions electronically. They are greatly appreciated!
    You can mail in your contributions or submit them electronically at the following link.


    The Diocese is collecting online contributions which will be forwarded to St. John's and Holy Rosary Parishes. We are in the process of setting up our own online giving. This will be something we can use, not only during the pandemic, but also going forward in the future. This will be a personal option for those who would like to give electronically rather than write a check. Look for future updates regarding this project. Thank you very much for helping us to pay our bills, even as we realize you may be struggling financially too. Anything you can do is
    GREATLY APPRECIATED. If anyone is in need of help, please call the parish office.


  • New Resources for You

    Exciting News

    We now have a parish subscription to FORMED, https://formed.org.signup
    If you are not familiar with it, it is a Catholic website, app that you can access on
    your phone, tablet, smart tv, etc. It has many movies about Saints, teaching,
    study materials and many ways to learn about and enhance your faith.
    It is for everyone. You can watch at home and there are many adult videos and books,
    as well as children's material. Simple go to formed.org and follow the sign-in
    instructions.  Click on sign-up as a parishioner. The easiest way is to just type in 55604
    and St. John's should pop up, click on that and then enter your email address.
    Once you register, you can stay logged in.

  • Marriage enrichment for all ages-click on link below

    Free Until March 31!

    In honor of National Marriage Week (Feb. 7-14) and as a Lenten resource, the Marriage in Christ At Home seminar is free for couples who sign up by March 31, 2021. Once registered, access is free through May 31, 2021.

    This free access is made possible by a grant from Communication Center, the nation's largest distributor of Catholic religious education materials.


    Invite God Into Your Marriage

     Every couple needs the Lord to love them as a couple. Only in Christ and with the grace of the Holy Spirit can we live a married life full of the Love of God.

    Make your marriage stronger in five week  


  • St. Johns/ Holy Rosary is the name of our Facebook page

    www.facebook.com St. Johns/ Holy Rosary
    You should see the 2 pictures of our churches below, to tell you that you have OUR church page. Contact church office if you need help finding.

  • You can now watch St. John's live-streamed Masses here(WITHOUT a FACEBOOK account)  

    1. Put your cursor over the Home button on the upper left side, it will have a drop down menu. Click on 3rd drop down text button.
  • This brings up our St. Johns/ Holy Rosary Church Facebook page

    Our church Facebook page will appear. You can ignore the sign-in box at bottom of facebook page. Click not now or no, if asked to join.
    2. Scroll down the page until you see the picture of the interior of the church with altar
    3.Wait until the scheduled Mass time, then refresh the page...Click on the refesh button on the top left on toolbar( it is a circular arrow).
    4.Livestream icon should appear and Mass will begin playing.
    5. If you click on center of video it will increase in size.

    --Masses are recorded, so you can also click on interior church picture to watch at other times.