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  • June 26, 2022 from Fr. Steve

    In celebrating on Friday, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, we are acknowledging God’s love which was expressed throughout history, but now was fulfilled in a unique and special way in Jesus Christ, God come in the flesh.  In Ezekiel 34:15, God told his people: “I myself will pasture my sheep; I myself will give them rest, says the Lord God”. Centuries before in the Old Testament, God’s heart was revealed as he shepherded his people, loving them dearly. And we all know the Gospels where Jesus refers to himself as the Good Shepherd. In sending his Son, this love shown by the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was evident in his love for all of humanity as he cured the sick, fed thousands and preached the Good News of salvation to all who would listen.  

           Jesus is the Good Shepherd who goes after even one lost sheep. The heart of Jesus desires to save all who will open their hearts to his Sacred Heart, which was pierced on the cross when he gave his very life for us. From the heart of Jesus flows great love for each of us as we open our hearts to his tender mercies, receiving his great love for us. 

  • Cookbooks for sale

    We have parish ccokbooks for sale for $10. This book was put together by Liz Rosenquist, with contributions from many parishioners, including original artwork by John Franz. They are on the table in the entrance to St. John's church or you can contact the office.

  • Are you interested in becoming Catholic or learning more??

    Contact Fr. Steve at the office
    or call 218-387-1409 


    If you are in need of help with groceries or anything else, please contact the office at 218-387-1409. If you simply want to talk or need prayer, please call Fr. Steve. If no answer, please leave a message and phone number.

  • St. Johns/ Holy Rosary is the name of our Facebook page

    www.facebook.com St. Johns/ Holy Rosary
    You should see the 2 pictures of our churches below, to tell you that you have OUR church page. Contact church office if you need help finding. It will have Mass times and other info updated periodically.


  • New Resources for You

    Exciting News

    We now have a parish subscription to FORMED, https://formed.org.signup
    If you are not familiar with it, it is a Catholic website, app that you can access on
    your phone, tablet, smart tv, etc. It has many movies about Saints, teaching,
    study materials and many ways to learn about and enhance your faith.
    It is for everyone. You can watch at home and there are many adult videos and books,
    as well as children's material. Simple go to formed.org and follow the sign-in
    instructions.  Click on sign-up as a parishioner. The easiest way is to just type in 55604
    and St. John's should pop up, click on that and then enter your email address.
    Once you register, you can stay logged in.